Firm Foundation Christian School Faculty and Staff

Our students and families are served by a talented and dedicated group of staff. Learn more about them by browsing their bios. We encourage you to remember them, and our teachers, in prayer.

Cody Rothwell

Middle School Teacher

6th-7th-8th Grade History

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Dori Millay

Middle and High School Teacher


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Timothy Congdon

Middle and High School Teacher

Science, Chemistry

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Tim Snell

Middle School Teacher

Math Teacher, Athletic Coordinator

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Jamie Horch

Middle School Teacher

Brian Rodriguez

Middle and High School Teacher

Bible, ASB Advisor

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Bryan Warren

Middle and High School Teacher

8th/11th/12th Grade Bible, Psychology

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Angela Mueller

High School Teacher

High School Math, College Algebra/Trig, Calculus

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Rick Root

High School Biology Teacher

Tim Riley

Computer Teacher

Computer Sciences, Algebra

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