Helping Students Navigate the Process

Students and parents have a myriad of questions about the college application process. Our role in the guidance process is to ask the pertinent questions, make suggestions, provide referrals, and above all, keep students informed of opportunities available to them. 

We schedule visits with college representatives to show students some of the options available to them, and are developing relationships with local businesses to introduce them to the wide variety of career options available. We treasure the relationships we establish with our students in the course of our counseling efforts, and look forward to working with them.

College counseling begins when they enter their freshman year of high school.  Students meet with our guidance counselor, Staci Jones, to review credit requirements and develop a preliminary credit chart for their high school career.



AT FFCHS, we know that not all students are college bound. Our goal is to give every student the skills to succeed in their next phase of life, whether vocationally-bound or college-bound. This year, all but one of our seniors are headed to college.

2014 graduate Aleya Johnson was offered a position with the Seattle Christian Ballet.


FFCS students are developing a reputation for being the type of students colleges and universities are actively seeking. Examples of recent scholarships:

  • 2017 graduate Ann Paphawee was accepted at 3 colleges. She has accepted the offer of enrollment at Pacific Lutheran University, receiving a $25,000 scholarship award.
  • 2012 graduate Joshua Olson graduated from LeTourneau University in May with a degree in computer engineering. He received a scholarship award of $38,000.
  • 2010 graduate Tameson Tervo attended Washington State University Vancouver. During her senior year, she was offered a full ride to obtain her Master’s Degree!