Developing leaders in the church, home and community is a core part of our mission.  To accomplish this, we:

  • Share God’s word in every subject, drawing your student closer to the God of the Bible.
  • Support our students at every step in their academic journey.
  • Offer math tracks, beginning in middle school and continuing through high school, placing students based on ability level, rather than just grade level.
  • Continue to grow our dual course high school offerings though our partnership with Northwest Nazarene University, as well as expanding array of Foundational Application classes and electives.
  • Hire certified teachers. Virtually every FFCS teacher is certified in the state of Washington and ACSI accredited.
  • Help our students discover their unique leadership skills and talent through service opportunities, ASB activities, mission and outreach, and sports.
  • Seek and foster lifelong leadership skills founded in accountability, respect for others, character development, and recognition of unique gifting.