College Credit

Concurrent College Credit Program

FFCHS is a partner with Northwest Nazarene University’s Concurrent Credit Program. This program allows students to get a head start in college while attending FFCHS*. Not only will students have the opportunity to earn college credit, they will also be more prepared for the rigors of college.

Accepting this challenge shows that you are a serious student who wants to make the most out of your educational career. Colleges recognize this effort and will reward you for your work by accepting the transfer credit, exempting you from a required course, or by placing you in a higher-level course.

Concurrent courses offered at FFCHS include:

  • College Algebra
  • Calculus I Trigonometry
  • English Composition
  • Literature: Short Fiction

Additional courses in the planning stages include history, communications, computer technology courses and PE.

For details on NNU’s Concurrent Credit Program, click HERE.

We will continue to add to these offerings and are blessed to have highly qualified teachers on our team who meet the rigorous standards for teaching college level classes.

* There is an additional fee for concurrent credit classes.