Opportunities at FFCS


Travel takes us out of our comfort zone. Not only does travel provide unique academic opportunities, it can help students develop independence, as well as provide opportunities to serve others. Current travel opportunities include:6th Grade Outdoor School8th Grade Washington DC TripShakespearean FestivalHigh School Mission Trip

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FFCS recognizes both character and academic excellence through:Student of the Month: Each month, K-5 students are nominated by teachers based on an identified character trait for that month. Eagle Award: Each month, one student from the pool of Student of the Month Award nominees is selected by staff as the student most exemplifying the month’s character trait.Elementary School Academic Honors: At the end of each trimester, awards are given based on grades in core subjects. “Honors” is given to students who have A’s and B’s (or +‘s and ‘s) in all core subjects. “Highest Honors” is given to students who have A’s (or +‘s) in all core subjects.High School Academic Honors: At the end of each semester academic awards are given based on student G.P.A. “Honors Awards” are given to students receiving a G.P.A. of 3.6 to 3.9.  “Highest Honors Awards” are given to students receiving a G.P.A. of 3.9 or higher. Athletic Awards:

Creative Opportunities
Each student has unique gifting. For some students, this gifting is in the area of visual or performing arts.  In addition to art classes, and art and digital arts electives, FFCS students have the following opportunities:Essay AwardsACSI Spelling BeeACSI Art FairSpring Drama Production

Community Impact
With a mission to assist students becoming leaders in their community, we actively seek opportunities for them to have a positive impact on their community. Examples include having our elementary classes support our high school mission team students, Serve Day, Habitat for Humanity, Work Day (High School), Ring & Sing for the Salvation Army, and raising funds for Medical Teams Northwest and Forward Edge.