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The FFCS @ Home Program

“FFCS @ Home” is an extension program available to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. It is designed for families who value a biblical world-view education for their child and want to serve as the primary educator of their child.

Benefits of this program include: 

  • The integration of a biblical worldview into all subjects

  • A weekly meeting with a FFCS consultant

  • The same curriculum and pacing as on-campus classmates

  • Grading tracked by a FFCS consultant

  • The opportunities to participate in athletics, field trips, extracurricular activities, clubs and other school supported functions*

  • Enrollment as a FFCS student whereby parents do not need to submit a declaration of intent to homeschool 

  • The option to enroll in on-campus or online classes to supplement your FFCS @ Home program (based on availability)


We are excited to be offering our FFCS @ home program to current FFCS families Kindergarten – 8th grade and are excited to see it grow next year 2021-2022 and offering it to our community.  This year has been amazing and we have been blessed to work on personalized learning plans for each family.  As we begin to plan for next year, here are a few things we look forward to continuing and growing.

  • Provide small group enrichment opportunities (STEAM activities)
  • Provide small academic support groups and individual academic assistance for students
  • Provide field trip experiences
  • Holiday celebrations
  • End of year picnic/awards
  • Academic Assessments
  • Parental support 
  • Monitoring progress through monthly reports 
  • Weekly interaction with consultants
  • Christian Curriculum with monthly scope and sequence
  • Biblical Worldview integration training for parents  
  • Extra curricular involvement through the school (Sports)
  • Ability to take individual in-person classes at FFCS

For more information, please contact Mrs. Baker at