FFCS Fast Facts

International Student Program

Year Founded: Founded in 1995, Firm Foundation Christian School is a non-denominational school.
Grades at the School: Preschool through grade 12
Enrollment entire school: 340
Enrollment HS: 70
Enrollment International Students: No more than 10% of HS Enrollment
Countries Represented: China, Thailand, South Korea, Germany
Teacher/Student Ratio: 15:1


Firm Foundation Christian School is fully accredited with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). This rigorous certification is renewed every three to five years to assure our school maintains a high quality level.

Firm Foundation Christian School is also fully accredited with the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC formally NAAS).  As part of the NWAC accreditation, Firm Foundation Christian School became accredited with AdvancED. This is a world-wide network that acknowledges high quality schools, with 30,000 accepted in 70 different countries.

Firm Foundation Christian School is certified with the State of Washington as a legal private school with all teaching staff holding Bachelor degrees or Master’s degrees and/or Washington State Teaching Credentials. FFCS teachers engage in ongoing professional development to keep them abreast of the latest developments in the field of academics and teaching.


Through a partnership with Northwest Nazarene University, FFCS offers five concurrent college credit courses which are as follows: College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, English Composition and Literature Short Fiction. Not only do we anticipate the list of class offerings to grow, but NNU was once again ranked in the top tier by US News & World Report in this year’s annual “America’s Best Colleges” edition. We have already had more than 50 students participate in this top-tier program.


Nestled within the beautiful Pacific Northwest lies Firm Foundation Christian School. In addition to the stellar academic standards and ample extracurricular school activities, you are located:

  • Only 45 minutes from Portland, Oregon – where you can enjoy a true cosmopolitan experience with exquisite cuisine, elegant shopping, and an array of urban activities
  • Only 1.5 hours from the Gorge – where you can visit magnificent waterfalls, gather fruit at orchards, and go hiking
  • Only 1.75 hours from the mountains – where you can ski, snowboard, or just play in the snow
  • Only 2 hours from the beach – where you can swim, visit boutiques and walk in the sand


Not only does the school have infrastructure in place to accommodate students preschool through High School with a gym, library, computer lab, school nurse, lunch room, and outdoor facilities, but the campus places high emphasis on safety and security. This includes:

  • Physical safety with campus perimeter fencing
  • A robust safety training program
  • Nearly 20 security cameras on-site

Firm Foundation also places high importance on the emotional and academic safety of our students:

  • EMOTIONAL SAFETY: Firm Foundation has an environment where love and respect are emphasized, the culture of community is fostered, and bullying is not only dealt with effectively, but minimized initially.
  • ACADEMIC SAFETY: Not only does Firm Foundation place the highest importance on academic achievement, but we also encourage an environment where it is safe to ask the tough questions, explore new ideas, and take those academic risks that help our children develop and thrive.


  • Girls Volleyball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Co-Ed Track


  • Spring Banquet
  • ACSI Leadership Conference
  • Jog-A-Thon
  • Spirit Week
  • Beach Trip


Computer Technology, 3D Animation and Design, Photography, Drama, Ceramics, Art Exploration, Yearbook, Astronomy, Music Ministry, and Choir.

— Please direct all inquiries regarding our International Student Program to Staci Jones at