Dear FFCS Parents and Families,


We are doing everything we can to work through the challenges COVID-19 presents to the school environment. It is our priority to maintain in-seat learning and we are working to maintain a healthy and safe environment for our students, faculty and families. To aid in this, we have provided links to resources regarding COVID-19 through the links below.  Please check back to this page, as information continues to change and we will update our links regularly. As always, we appreciate your patience, support and prayers for our school as we all work through the challenges of this virus. We trust and know that God is with us in this; as He is in everything.

Mask Policy


Department of Health COVID Update: Upon review of the updated requirements (3/7/22), there is only one change to what FFCS has already communicated regarding isolation and quarantine requirements. Since the nurse’s office is considered a “healthcare setting,” masks are required while visiting the nurse’s office for all children, staff and visitors aged 2 years and older.

Student Vaccine Mandate


The Technical Advisory Group has concluded its evaluation of the COVID vaccine against the 9 Criteria for adding any mandatory vaccines to the Childhood Vaccination Schedule (CIS).


At their final meeting on February 24 (brief recap), they determined the COVID vaccine does not meet criteria 3, 7, 8 and 9. With this result, the group voted NOT to recommend the State Board of Health (BOH) add this to the CIS.


Thank you for your prayers and advocacy in this matter!


The BOH has the final say in adding any vaccines to the CIS and will take up the issue of adding the vaccine at their April 13 meeting. They will not take up this issue at their March meeting.


What You Can Do?

Reach out personally and ask parents to contact BOH and your state legislator to let your views on a mandatory COVID vaccine for students. We thank you in advance for doing so within biblical principles and in ways that will not tarnish the name of Christ.


• Parents Advocacy Guide – includes content framework & how to reach your legislator

• Email the State Board of Health

• ACSI student vaccine mandate letter 

ACSI evaluation of criteria 7-9 letter