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3rd - 5th Grade Essay Awards

Congratulations to our upper elementary essay contest winners!  The 3rd – 5th grade students responded to the writing prompt, “What does a veteran mean to me?” for the Yacolt Auxiliary:  Veterans of Foreign Wars. The winners are listed below; click on the name to download and read the essay.

Isla Mackenzie, 1st Place                 
Carolyn Riley, 1st Place                     
Cassidy Haushild, 2nd Place             
Emma Kovalev, 3rd Place

Brody Nieto, 1st Place
Anahi Vargas, 1st Place
Brooklyn Hoss, 2nd Place
Renny Miller, 3rd Place
Emma Riley, 2nd Place

ACSI District Spelling Bee

Congratulations to the following students who represented FFCS at the ACSI District Spelling Bee at Camas Christian Academy:

1st grade
-Laurel Reinhardt 5th place
-Ramona Malos 8th place

2nd grade
-Jacob Bauder-Anika Booth

3rd grade
-Ainsley Percival 9th place
-Cassidy Haushild 11th place

4th grade
-Grant Walker
-Brody Nieto 6th place

5th grade
-Christian McClintock 2nd place

6th grade
-Melana Durshpek 6th place
-Aditya Kumar 4th place

7th grade
-Adrian Tapio 6th place

8th grade
-Liam McClintock 2nd place

Christian McClintock (5th grade), Aditya Kumar (6th grade) and Liam McClintock (8th grade) all advanced to the final spell-off round where: Christian McClintock (5th grade) placed 14th, Aditya Kumar (6th grade) placed 12th, Liam McClintock (8th grade) placed 11th.

Patriot's Pen Essay Winners: 6th-8th Grade

Congratulations to our middle school essay winners from the Yacolt Auxiliary: Veterans of Foreign Wars, Patriot’s Pen Contest.

1st Place: Avery Tapio, 7th Grade
2nd Place: Elsa Helmes, 7th Grade
3rd Place: Adrian Tapio, 7th Grade

FFCS 3rd Grade Student Places at District

The above 3rd-8th grade winners’ essays went on to the District level for judging.  Isla Mackenzie placed 3rd at the District level for the “Youth Essay – 3rd Grade.”  Isla was awarded at the District Ceremony and Reception on January 14.