It’s a fact – healthier students are better learners.

We have a Nutrition and Physical Fitness Policy (click HERE to view).  In addition, we are providing more nutritious yet tasty food options so that students can choose healthier foods for their meal at lunch.

Watch the Weekly Notes for regular wellness and nutrition reports. Creating a healthier school environment is a team effort; we invite you to join us.

The school environment cannot change without the involvement of parents. Children need to receive consistent healthy messages at school and at home, in order to understand and integrate them into healthy habits.

What parents can do:

  • Give feedback to the school regarding the Nutrition and Physical Fitness Policy, the school lunches, and/or the wellness and nutrition reports.
  • Participate in the school breakfast and lunch programs or pack healthy lunches; send healthy snacks for class celebrations
  • Provide a healthy home environment and be a good role model by preparing and eating healthy foods and supporting regular physical activity
  • Conduct health related activities at home with your child including crafts, gardening, cooking a family meal, meal planning, grocery shopping, label reading, and physical activities together.

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