Map Testing

In early 2019, FFCS was notified that the TerraNova test would no longer be available after 2020. During the Spring of 2020, the school implemented MAP Testing, provided by NWEA.

The MAP testing is computer-adaptive, which means the testing adapts to the individual student. In summary, if a student gets a question correct, they are given a more difficult question, and vice-versa. The adaptive assessment continually moves the student forward or backward through content-specific concepts to determine the student’s independent instructional level. The test covers grade-level content concepts in reading, language arts, math, and science.

The MAP testing meets Washington State Standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards. It has a dynamic online reporting system, which provides feedback to teachers on how the students fared and how the teachers can better meet individual students’ instructional needs.  It also includes data on how our school compares to other schools and areas our school can improve and places we are excelling in.