Community Service

Community Service

Exhibiting Christ’s Love through Service
Community service at FFCS takes many forms. From raising money to support various mission groups, to serving at the Ring and Sing, to supporting FFCS families in a variety of ways, our goal is to instill in our students’ a desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus.Other service opportunities include:High School Mission TripSalvation Army Ring and SingSpirit Week Mission’s Fundraising

† Trips and Photos

A group from FFCHS served at Camp Attitude for a week. Camp Attitude is where kids with any kind of disability can go and have tons of fun while being immersed in a Christ-centered atmosphere. They get to do things like ride horses, ride boats on the lake, have water fights, and even participate in a talent show!

The FFCS Food Drive was a huge success!  Students donated hundreds of pounds of food to the Clark County Food Bank.