Trips and Photos


Students gain new perspectives from domestic and international travel. Beginning in Middle School, we offer opportunities for our students to explore our world.

6th Grade: Outdoor School at Camp Yamhill

8th Grade: Washington DC Historial Tour

10th Grade: Catherine Creek Biology Field Trip

11th/12th Grade: Mission Trip

All grade levels participate in a variety of educational field trips designed to re-inforce classroom teaching. From trips to the zoo to local farms, to the Portland Art Museum, students experience a variety of fun variety of activities with teachers and staff who integrate God’s Holy Word into the instructional components.

Elementary Field Trips:

PreK – Bizi Farms, Portland Children’s Museum
K – Pumpkin Patch, Zoo
1st – Christmas Tree Farm, Pomeroy Farm
2nd – Lewisville Park (Classification and Observation), Mad Science (Physics Experiments)
3rd – Bonneville Dam/Multnomah Falls, Fort Vancouver
4th – Olympia, TBD
5th – Ape Caves/Mt. St. Helens, OMSI/OmniMax