Tamasen Hayward

High School Teacher

The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him. – Nahum 1:7

BS Biology: Washington State University Vancouver
MS Biology: Washington State University Vancouver
I was a 2011 graduate of FFCS and received a total of $17,000 in scholarships for my undergrad.  As a graduate student, I was offered a full ride through research assistant-ships where I also became an OMSI Science Communication Fellow.  I have graduated with my master’s degree (winter 2017) and am currently working on getting my research published.

University teaching and informal science education since 2012.

Part-time teacher.
Part-time laboratory technician.
Full-time science education advocate.

There are so many adults that have not received a sufficient science education, and therefore, have a hard time interpreting science, especially when the media and social media report on it! I am especially passionate about our students here at FFCS being well-versed in the sciences. That way, our students can make fully-informed decisions and actions with which they seek to glorify our Creator God. I also want to inspire my students to pursue careers in science – we have so few Christians in science, and there should be more.

I was born and raised in Vancouver, WA, with exception to a year overseas in Finland. I enjoy hiking with my husband, playing soccer, and eating YoCream. I spend my spare time volunteering for various science outreach events and planning the next projects for our home. Two of my favorite parts of teaching are watching my students’ faces and expressions when they are really trying to think through a concept or when they learn about something weird in biology and whenever my students ask a really good question. I think it is so neat that I actually really have to examine the Biblical perspectives on science, which was not part of my university education or university teaching experience. I graduated from high school here at Firm Foundation, and I am so excited to be returning as a teacher!