What to Eat

Hot Lunch Program, or Bring Lunch from Home!

Your students have the choice of bringing lunch from home or purchasing a hot lunch in the cafeteria.

Hot Lunch

Students can select from three entre choices each day. There is always a salad bar available with fruits and vegetables (variety each day). Milk is included in our hot lunch program and can also be purchased separately. The lunch menu is published prior to the start of each month. It can be accessed on our website by clicking HERE. Paper copies can be picked up at school, and electronic copies are sent out with Weekly Notes.

Food Service Provider

Sodexo Food Services, who provides our hot lunch program, has a nutritionist who plans healthy meals that meet the federal guidelines and FDA requirements.

All of our lunch staff hold a food handlers permit and our kitchen has regular inspections.


Students typically have lunch in the multi-purpose room connected to our warming kitchen. FFCS is a closed campus, so high school students are not allowed to leave campus on their own for lunch. Juniors and Seniors may each lunch in the Student Lounge.


Payment for meals is through our Renweb system or parents may pay at the office. Free and Reduced Lunch Program:  Our school is part of the Washington State Free and Reduced Lunch Program for qualifying families. If families fall within the income guidelines, students may receive a free or reduced cost lunch. There is no distinction of which students are receiving free and reduced lunches, as charges are done through our accounting system. All financial information is confidential.


Our school nurse is aware and alerted of food allergies of students. It is important for our staff to know possible and verifiable allergies. For student safety, certain lunchroom tables may be designated as “nut free” or other designations. Lunchroom supervisors continue table cleaning between lunch periods. For more information contact Nurse Cheryl Cundiff at 687-8382.

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” – John 6:35

Lunch Assistance

Wellness and Nutrition

It’s a fact – healthier students are better learners. We have a Nutrition and Physical Fitness Policy (click HERE to view). In addition, we have a wellness implementation plan. It addresses the school meal program, nutrition education, and physical activity and foods available during the school day. We are providing more nutritious yet tasty food options so that students can choose healthier foods for their meals and snacks. Watch the Weekly Notes for wellness and nutrition reports. Creating a healthier school environment is a team effort; we invite you to join us. Children need to receive consistent healthy messages at school and at home, in order to understand and integrate them into healthy habits.What parents can do:Give feedback to the school regarding the Nutrition and Physical Fitness Policy, the school lunches, and/or the wellness and nutrition reports.Participate in the school breakfast and lunch programs or pack healthy lunches; send healthy snacks for class celebrations.Provide a healthy home environment and be a good role model by preparing and eating healthy foods and supporting regular physical activityConduct health related activities at home with your child including crafts, gardening, cooking a family meal, meal planning, grocery shopping, label reading, and physical activities together.