Signature Programs


Two Preschool Program Levels

Recognizing the different cognitive, social and emotional levels of young learners, FFCS has developed two programs for our youngest students. We offer a class for 3-and 4-year-old learners, and a class for 4- and 5-year-old learners designed to prepare them for kindergarten.

Creative Arts: Preschool students experience many hands-on art activities that support critical eye-hand coordination essential to emerging academic skills, while having a wonderful time experiencing a wide variety of art activities in the classroom.

Spiritual Formation: Weaving God’s word into daily lessons, as well as sharing from the Bible curriculum, serves as the foundation for expectations in an atmosphere of love and trust modeled by teachers committed to sharing their love for Jesus with their students.

Student Activities: Our preschoolers have a wide range of activities, such as the Christmas program and a field trip to the Bizi Farms Pumpkin Patch! In addition, they take part in fun preschool projects about science, technology, engineering, art and math!


Trying to find the best kindergarten program for your child can feel a bit like a marathon. There are many choices and approaches, and it probably feels overwhelming at times.

We are here to help. Your child is about to start school, and we want you to feel confident that at FFCS you have found a place where your child will thrive. 

Creative Arts: The arts program introduces kindergarten students to hands-on experiences focused on these budding artists. Our goal is to cultivate creativity and help them see Christ in the world around them. Students are introduced to Elements of Art and Artists of the Month, and activities include drawing, painting and beyond. Students also perform for the Christmas program and the Kindergarten Graduation Program. 

Spiritual Formation: Our kindergarten students participate in the weekly chapel service, which features singing and a message by a local ALC pastor. In addition, they have Bible lessons as well as scripture woven throughout their day.

Student Activities: Engaging kindergarten students in fun activities that foster self-confidence and independence while reinforcing academics is vital. Your student can participate in activities like Operation Christmas Child, STEAM Night, Serve Day, the National Day of Prayer and many others.


As a partner in your child’s education, we understand the importance of an engaging and positive learning environment. At Firm Foundation, as your child builds a strong academic foundation, the teachers and faculty will support them with fun age-appropriate activities and experiences that point them to the God of the Bible.

Creative Arts: Elementary students experience a variety of hands-on creative activities designed to point them to see Christ in the world around them. Students are introduced to Elements of Art and Artists of the Month, and activities include drawing, painting and beyond. 5th grade students participate in Band. Students also perform for the Christmas program and the Spring Program. 

Spiritual Formation and Service: “Serve Day” gives students the opportunity to share the gospel through serving others. They support the high school mission team and have opportunities throughout the year to bless others. Chapel services feature a biblical message to inspire our students and to promote an atmosphere of corporate worship to the Lord. All students in kindergarten through 5th grade participate in weekly chapel.

Student Activities:  From field trips to STEAM Night to Spirit Week, it seems there is always something fun going on at FFCS! From events like the Jog-A-Thon and celebrating the 100th Day of School, elementary students thrive under the guidance of an amazing teaching team.

Middle School

Many of us remember our middle school years…these pivotal years are characterized by a significant season of growth – physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and academically.

At Firm Foundation, we strive to provide an environment that fosters critical thinking, daily spiritual applications to life, and that will support them in understanding their identity in Christ as they discover God-given gifts and talents! Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer.

Creative Arts: During the formative middle school years our students engage in a broader range of art classes, such as ceramics, culinary arts, digital arts, drawing, painting, band and other electives.

Spiritual Formation and Service: Students participate in daily Bible classes, a weekly chapel service, and Elevate. Elevate is a youth-group type activity with a bible lesson and fun activities designed to foster community spirit and spiritual growth.

Middle school students also work in teams in the community to serve others during Serve Day. Service projects have included yardwork for the elderly and cleaning up local parks.

Student Activities: With small class sizes, FFCS provides an opportunity for students to engage on a personal level and foster a strong sense of community.  Exampled of activities include trips to
Sky Zone, Operation Christmas Child, Outdoor School and Spirit Week. 

Where academics, faith and friends merge in discovery of vocation.

High School

The Firm Foundation Christian High School is designed to meet students where they are as they figure out the next steps in their lives, whether college or career. You know your child’s innate talents and skills. Building on that, we seek to help them discover their God-given vocation as they set career and life goals. Both academics and activities merge into opportunities to explore and hone leadership, soft skills, critical thinking and creativity. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

Creative Arts: Our High School arts program allows students to dive deeper into discovery of God-given gifts and talents. Each year classes are “changed up” to provide variety. Examples include outdoor cooking, ceramics, digital arts, drawing, painting, and a variety of other arts media.  Students also can participate in the ACSI Arts Fair. Firm Foundation Christian students have the opportunity to participate in the Spring Theater Production. This extra-curricular program provides students with opportunities to act or participate as technology or backstage crew. Students learn to express themselves and gain experience being in front of an audience while glorifying God through sharing stories on stage.

These high-quality productions have included “The Tinker,” “The Frog Princess,” “The Ransom of Emily Jane,” “The Diary of Anne Frank,” “The Canterbury Tales,” and “The Secret Garden.”

Spiritual Formation and Service: During the annual “Serve Day” high school students are deployed in teams into the community to serve others. These have included building fences, yard work for the elderly and building Habitat for Humanity homes. Students serve in a variety of capacities on campus, such as being part of the STEAM Team. They also serve off campus with adventures including visiting a local senior care facility, hosting a food drive for the North County Food Bank, supporting local law enforcement, and other service ministries. The high school mission team, along with FFCS staff and parent chaperones, will again be serving in Guatemala working alongside the ALC Foreign Mission doing service projects, visiting new mothers and babies in the local hospital, and visiting an orphanage. 

Student Activities:  With small class sizes, FFCS engages students on a personal level and fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and community.  These include a fall retreat, pep assemblies, High School Mission Trip and a variety of fun activities such as Zoo Lights, Corn Maze, Spring Formal, and Spirit Week. 

Concurrent College Credit: Our high school students can earn up to 22 credits of college courses through Northwest Nazarene University and Summit Ministries. 

Individualized College and Career Counseling: As a small high school, FFCS students benefit from individual counseling as they prepare for college and career. Our vocationally bound students are given the same support and attention as our college-bound students.

High School Activities