FFCS Middle School: Grades 6th through 8th

The Transition Years

At Firm Foundation Christian School, middle school is the bridge between elementary school and high school that can lay the foundation for high school success. Our goal is to create an environment that prepares your student academically while nurturing their emotional and spiritual growth. Our middle school program focuses on mastery of the core subjects of bible, math, science, english, and history.

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Middle School Scope and Sequence

In middle school, students transition from the “contained classroom” of elementary school to a schedule with seven separate class periods. Each subject is taught by a teacher who loves and specializes in the subject matter and, equally important for this age group, loves working with middle school students. 

In addition to a strong academic core offering, we provide a range of interesting enrichment courses (also known as electives) and extracurricular activities to allow our middle school students to explore their interests, gifts and talents. Examples include culinary arts, arts, band, physical education, computer classes, drama, Critical Thinking and Gaming, Foundations of Success and others.

MS FFCS Curriculum Scope and Sequence

Subject6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade
BibleThe Christian WorldviewCompeting WorldviewsChristianity in Action
MathMath 6Fundamentals of Math, Pre-AlgebraPre-Algebra, Algebra 1
EnglishEnglish 6 – Literature, Vocabulary & WritingEnglish 7 – Literature, Vocabulary & WritingEnglish 8 – Literature, Vocabulary & Writing
ScienceScience 6Life ScienceEarth Science
Heritage StudiesAncient CivilizationWorld StudiesAmerican Republic
ElectivesArt, Culinary Arts, Band, P.E., Scholars & Math SupportArt, Band, Ceramics, P.E., Computer Technology, Photo/Video JournalismArt, Band, Ceramics, P.E., Computer Technology, Critical Thinking and Game Strategy
A journey of discovery

Chapel and Spiritual Formation

Committed to an outstanding education with God’s Work at the center.

Through a weekly chapel service, our middle school students learn to think more deeply about God’s Word and what it means for them.  They are taught the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection, namely that it is the only hope of all mankind.  

As they grow in their faith, our goal is also to equip them to show the love of Christ through what they say and how they live their lives. Immediately following chapel, students are given the opportunity to further engage in the message through “Digging Deeper.” This time is designed to encourage them to share and reflect on the message under the guidance of caring teachers, as well as pray for one another in a small group setting. 

What it takes to be successful.

Requirements for Middle School

Keys to student success in middle school include:

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Transition management
  • Time management
  • Note-taking ability
  • Self-accountability

Firm Foundation Christian School’s middle school program requires that a student be able to sit quietly, follow directions, and treat others with respect. Incoming students are required to complete a full admissions packet, including academic and behavioral records, as well as teacher and pastoral referrals. 

Please note that Firm Foundation Christian School does not have the resources to serve students with severe academic or other challenges that would disrupt the learning environment for other students.

Numerous ways for students to connect!

Activities and Events

Activities outside the classroom walls lead to a deeper understanding of God’s creation, our nation’s history, and how God wants us to live in relationship with others. These include on campus activities such as Operation Christmas Child, Spirit Week, and Serve Day. In addition, they can participate in the annual Art Fair, Speech Meet, and Spelling Bee! Our extra-curricular activities include:

  • 6th Grade – Outdoor School: This 4 -day adventure science camp at Camp Yamhill is an academic requirement for all students. Students explore the beauty and wonder of God’s creation in a hands-on learning environment while learning about earth science and biology. 
  • Elevate – Typically weekly, this “youth group” style after school program provides a fun outlet for students to engage in a variety of activities on and off campus, while focusing their hearts and minds on important lessons from God’s Word. 
  • 8th Grade – East Coast Historic Tour. The “Washington DC Trip”, as it is affectionately called, is a week-long field trip exploring the birthplace of our nation and visiting significant historic sites. It brings to life many of the lessons from their history class. Visiting Amish country and taking in a Broadway-type production at the magnificent “Sight and Sound Theater” are highlights of the trip.

Middle School Facilities

With an academic program designed to prepare students for the rigors of high school, the classroom environment mirrors our high school classrooms.


Each classroom includes smart boards and infrastructure to support Chromebooks used by students as a learning tool. 7th and 8th grade students are assigned a Chromebook to use for academic purposes.