From preschool through high school:

Start Strong…Finish Strong

Our goal is to see your child grow in their love for the God of the Bible while experiencing an education that prepares them to flourish.  ACSI research has identified five core areas that foster a flourishing school environment. FFCS is committed to:

Purpose: A commitment to the central purposes of Christian education–biblical worldview, spiritual formation, discipleship, and family-school partnership.

Relationships: Trust-filled, supportive and authentic relationships are the foundation to a flourishing environment for student learning.

Learning Orientation: Our teachers are committed to ongoing learning and improvement, focused on student outcomes. 

Expertise and Resources: FFCS seeks to hire qualified staff, providing effective and orderly classroom environments where students are engaged in their learning. 

Well-Being: We seek to provide an environment that fosters resilience, and promotes students’ social, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Life on Campus