Elementary Academics

We consider the elementary age to be kindergarten through fifth grade. At this level, emphasis is placed on learning the skills necessary to be competent in all subject areas, including daily Bible instruction. Students will gain a strong foundation in reading, language (phonics, spelling, and vocabulary), creative writing, handwriting, and mathematics. Additionally, students are instructed in science, history, health, and art. The basic curriculum is enhanced by physical education, music, computer, and library.Our students are tested academically every year using the Terra Nova Standardized Achievement Test. Traditionally, our classes have scored in the average to above average percentiles compared to national averages.

Our curriculum is from Christian publishers due to its Scriptural foundation. Abeka curriculum is used for most subjects. Our Science is through Bob Jones. Positive Action Press (PK), Summit (1st-2nd) and Bob Jones (K,3rd-5th) comprises our Bible curriculum. Our handwriting program is D’Nealian printing and cursive.

Student Support
For the 2019-20 school year, FFCS will be offering resources through the Achievement Center (formerly ARISE). This program is designed to help improve reading, spelling, language, and math through specialized individual or small group instruction.

Music class is provided two days a week for K-5th grade. Throughout the year students learn music theory, including solfege and note recognition, through playing fun games with giant flashcards. They learn about proper singing techniques, like good posture and vocal warm-ups. They sing a variety of songs: scripture-based, patriotic, traditional, and fun! Students learn about rhythm through reading, speaking, playing, writing rhythmic notation, and movement.Students in grades three and four learn to play the flutophone and they work through a music theory workbook from Abeka. Students in grade five learn to play hand chimes.

Athletics & Activities

Our elementary students can participate in soccer and basketball programs on campus. Please see Athletics for more information.

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