Campus is Humming!

Wednesday after school was the type of day that makes my heart sing!

In the Library a group of students were creating a video under the direction of Mrs. Ford.

Walking through the darkened gym, I could hear beautiful notes wafting through the stillness from the music room.

In the foyer of Building B, “Miss Y” was listening to worship music while doing homework.

Outside, students were laughing and joyfully playing games as they chased through the afternoon sun.

An FFCS Mom sat simply enjoying the feel of sun on her face as she waited for her student.

The middle school track team was practicing sprints and getting an explosive start out of the block.

Drama students were helping Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Millay paint backdrops for the upcoming production of Charlotte’s Web.

Sweet little FFCS was HUMMING with activity! This school is truly a community. We love to pray for our families and our students, as well as others in our broader community. If you would like to ask for prayer for yourself or someone you love, we have set up a new email address to submit those requests. Please do not hesitate to reach out as we would love to serve you in that way!

Mrs. Olson