Can You Imagine?

Recently some of our team attended a conference where we were challenged to articulate the mission of our school. We were also asked to come up with the names of 10 former students who embodied that mission when they graduated. FFCS’s “core values”, which form the basis for our mission statement, inspire me daily in the ministry here. They are:

  • Christ-Centered
  • Scripturally Sound/Teaching Truth
  • Focused on Service and Relationship
  • Academic Excellence
  • Partnering with Parents

When I worked at the Oregon Legislature as a Legislative Aide, in my youthful hubris my friends and I used to proclaim (quietly and NEVER in public) that if they would make one of us governor for just one day, we could solve a lot of the state’s problems. Wow. As a parent of two graduates of our high school, I have long since learned that anyone in leadership has to have a strong team around them in order to make progress on meaningful goals.

Parents and grandparents are an important and vital part of our team, as are our faculty and staff. You know who else is? Our students! As I write this on a Sunday afternoon, basketballs are bouncing in the gym as our young men share in a spirited comradery. I hear them teasing one another even as they encourage one another. They make me smile. And you know what? They ALWAYS thank me for letting them play on a Sunday afternoon.

Can you imagine? Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make a list of 5 young men and 5 young women who embody the core values we embrace at FFCS. My list is MUCH longer than just 10 students and continues to grow. It warms my heart to be able to say that!

We may be a small school, but we have a big heart for our students, and of course an even bigger God. He has called each one of the young people who attend FFCS to this place for this season in their life. And they are being equipped to develop their God-given gifts and talents so they can go out and do big things as they impact the world and serve the Kingdom. I look forward to seeing where the Lord will lead them. Thank you for letting us be a part of your family’s story!