International Student Program (ISP)

Application Documents Checklist

❒  Application Fee of $400.00 (nonrefundable)
❒  Completed Application Form
         ❒  Part 1 – Student Information
         ❒  Part 2 – Family Information
         ❒  Part 3 – Host Family Request
         ❒  Part 4 – Student Questionnaire
❒  Parent Letter
❒  Two (2) Non-Family Recommendations regarding the student’s character
❒  Photo Album with Descriptions (minimum of four photos)
❒  Student Medical Information
❒  Certificate of Immunization Status
❒  Tuition Form
❒  Signed Student Commitment Form
❒  Statement of Faith
❒  Signed Parent Commitment Form
❒  Parent Authorization, Release Agreement and Extra-Curricular Activities Permission
❒  Discipline Policy
❒  Host Parent Authorization and Release Agreement

Please Provide:
❒  Official Certification of Immunization Status from your doctor, signed by your doctor
❒  Income Statement – Letter from employer, or other document verifying annual income
❒  Official English Transcripts of all academic work completed from grade eight (8) to present
❒  Copy of student’s passport
❒  Current computer based TOEFL or other English test score
❒  Behavioral Record (if any)
❒  Proof of International Insurance (before 1st day of school)
❒  Copy of student’s visa (before 1st day of school)