October rolls in with a harbinger of changing seasons. The leaves are turning and there is fog laying in the valley in the mornings now, with brisk mornings yielding to sun-kissed 80+ degree afternoons. We have confidence based on our own experiences that the seasons WILL change. We have seen them roll forward from year to year…it’s one of those things we can count on and yet no two seasons are identical.
I still recall, as a child, the year of the “big snow” on the mountain. It was an early spring storm that began in late March. The drifts covered the fence tops. The following spring, however, was unseasonably warm. This year fall brought with it fantastic, crazy smoky skies and high heat, buckets of rain for one weekend, then settled back into a more typical fall weather pattern!
Students are also settling into their “new normal” at school this fall. The guidelines that have been put in place have been accepted with understanding, for the most part, by our students of all ages. Never before have we felt so acutely the privilege of being at school.
We thank you for supporting efforts to keep students as safe as possible while they are on campus. One of my favorite Psalms reminds us that if we cast our burden upon the Lord, he will sustain us. We realize, with the rising COVID-19 numbers in Clark County, we expect to continue in this mode into the holidays. But we move forward with the confidence that the Lord goes before us, and that He will sustain us. My prayer for our students is that they will indeed feel the presence of the Lord each and every day as we continue forward into the new school year.
May the Lord bless you and keep you and yours.

Julie Olson