Technology at FFCS

Technology at FFCS

Instructional Technology
Firm Foundation Christian School adheres to several core values. One of these values is “Striving for Excellence with Integrity and Authenticity.” This value feeds the mission of assisting families in developing today’s youth into Christian leaders serving in the home, church and community by providing an education emphasizing academic excellence using a Biblical curriculum. While continuing strong academics, we also turn to the educational technology soft skills that will move our students beyond graduation (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity). It is expected that students learn and apply these skills to be successful leaders in our society.FFCS Technology PlanFirm Foundation Christian School is in the second year of a four-year plan to implement additional technology into classroom instruction by the year 2021. As part of the FFCS Technology Plan, two mobile carts containing 25 Chromebooks each have been made available to all students at the Elementary and Middle School grade levels (1 cart assigned to Elementary, 1 cart assigned to Middle School). The teachers involved have been provided additional training on these devices and their usage in the classroom.What are we doing now…next stepsIn the effort toward the school’s One-to-One Technology Initiative, we have increased the number of devices available to students and teachers, built a scalable and robust network infrastructure, and strengthened the professional development offered to faculty and staff. Beginning in Fall of 2019, each High School student will receive a school-issued Chromebook to be used daily for academic purposes. This initiative allows us to provide extraordinary educational opportunities for our students as we emphasize the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity that will help them excel as innovative leaders in society.Please contact the Director of Technology Learning — Mr. Don Bourne — at if you have any questions regarding technology at FFCS.

Staying the Course…
FFCS and FFCHS students at all grade levels are offered several technology-based courses, including Lego Robotics, Computer Tech, Introduction to Programming, Introduction to SketchUp, Web Development, and Computer Technology.


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  † FAQs: G Suite for Education / Google Apps for EducationClick on a link below to watch the tutorial video:  † Google Classroom Introduction for Students  † How to Complete and Submit Assignments in Google Classroom  † Tutorial for the New Google Drive  † Sharing Documents and Files on Google Drive