Instructional Technology

Firm Foundation Christian School adheres to several core values. One of these values is “Striving for Excellence with Integrity and Authenticity.”  The strong academic focus is enhanced by educational technology that provides extraordinary educational opportunities as we emphasize the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity that will help students prepare to excel as future innovative leaders in society.

FFCS Technology Plan

Implementation of Firm Foundation Christian School’s Technology Plan resulted in the One-to-One Technology Initiative. We have:

  • Increased the number of devices available to students and teachers.
  • Built a scalable and robust network infrastructure.
  • Strengthened the professional development offered to faculty and staff.
  • Mobile Chromebooks carts are fully utilized by students at the Elementary and Middle School grade levels.
  • Each elementary classroom has access to two Chromebook learning stations.
  • Each student in 7th-12th grade is issued an FFCS Chromebook for daily academic purposes.

Please contact the Technology Director — Don Bourne — at if you have any questions regarding technology at FFCS.

Staying the Course…

FFCS and FFCHS students at all grade levels are offered several technology-based courses, including Lego Robotics, Computer Tech, Introduction to Programming, Introduction to SketchUp, Web Development, and Computer Technology.

FFCS Acceptable Use & Internet Safety Policy