Hear from those who really matter… other parents and students.

The importance of a private Christian education is very important to our family. Our daughter has attended FFCS for nine years. It has been a wonderful place for her to learn and grow as an individual as well as mature in her Christian walk, helping to prepare her for the next steps in her life as a young adult.  The curriculum is challenging and rewarding and the teachers are fantastic! – submitted by parent, October 2015

Firm Foundation has helped me so much (former student)!  Not only did you prepare me for 6th grade, but you also strengthened my belief in God. Everybody was kind and thoughtful to everyone, the kids were cool and the staff was awesome.– posted July 2014

We have had nothing but positive experiences at FFCS! The teachers are very caring and supportive as well as highly trained. The general feel of the school is extremely good. If you are looking for a Christ centered education for your children you couldn’t pick a better school. We are extremely happy with our choice!!—Submitted by a parent, posted February 16th, 2012

I have two children at Firm Foundation (second and tenth grade). I would highly recommend the school to anyone concerned about having a strong Christian foundation in their child’s education as well as high academic standards. Having had 4 children and experiences with various private schools, home schooling and public schools, I am most pleased with the staff and programs offered at FFCS. My children have been cared for with love and respect while held to high standards, and parent involvement is always valued. I have never regretted the decision to enroll my children at FFCS and I plan to continue to send them to FFCS school through HS graduation. The administrative team is comprised of strong, committed Christians and I have great faith that they will continue to follow the Lord’s leading in developing programs that honor and please Him. My children’s perspective of their school experience is also very positive. When my high-school aged son is asked about his preference, he tells me that he is much happier at FFCS than he was at his previous public school.—Submitted by a parent, posted March 28th, 2012

Great school. We love it. Academics are outstanding. Teachers are caring and teach with a Christian worldview. We have had all 4 of our children here since K (our oldest is now going into 11th grade). We highly recommend Firm Foundation Christian School—Submitted by a parent, posted August 15th, 2009

Firm Foundation is the most amazing school I have ever encountered, from the faculty to the academic structure and balance. I am a grandparent and have seen my grandchildren grow in so many areas that I contribute to this wonderful school. Can’t wait until next Grandparent’s Day!!—Submitted by a grandparent, posted May 30th, 2011

We have been thinking of you quite a bit lately, and just wanted to drop you all a note. As you might know (probably remember), we all moved to Texas in July, and had to withdraw our son from Firm Foundation. We were very excited to begin our new adventure as Texans, but we were very conflicted and upset about having to leave your school. We knew then that it was a fantastic school, but everything since then has cemented it. When we got to Texas we figured that we would enroll [our son] in public school and see how it went. Well it lasted a whole 6 weeks. I won’t go into detail, but it was a horrible experience. From the majority of staff, to the classroom instruction, to the general rules that public schools in the nation must follow. After 6 weeks, we withdrew him from school, and began homeschooling him, and we are thoroughly enjoying it! What I wanted to comment on, is that our brief journey into public school, made us appreciate so much more, all that Firm Foundation did, and continues to do. From the classroom instruction, to the emphasis on biblical teaching, to the interaction between teachers and parents, to the unconditional love that is shown to the children. What you have at your school is so special, and we miss it greatly. In the time that [our son] was in Mrs.Walker’s classroom, he learned so much! We are still refreshing and going back over subjects, but he has retained the knowledge and remembers all of it. He gained the foundation for learning from your instruction, and we are now building upon that.  Mostly, he remembers that he was cared for by Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Willett, and Mrs. Sabourin. [Our son] is a shy guy, and that is worth gold to us. So, we appreciate all that his teachers did for him, and you can bet that if we ever move back to Washington, [our son] and his sister will be re-enrolled in your school. I know that not every day is easy, and that there are hard days, but keep up with all you do, you are making a difference in these kids, and parents lives, and you are amazing at it!– submitted by parent, October 2015

2016 graduate Jon Neihous sharing about the impact of FFCS on his faith(Click photo to download video)