High School Transcripts
Your high school transcript is your proof of completion for your high school education. This single sheet of paper holds much for your future. Your transcript communicates clearly to your college, technical school, or military admissions representatives how much time and effort you put forth during your 9th – 12th grade years. A large majority of community and technical schools, four-year universities and military branches will require that you submit a high school transcript as part of the admissions process. How can you ensure that your single sheet of HS proof is a positive representative of who you are? Work closely with your teachers, monitor your work, set aside appropriate blocks of time for quizzes and exams, and take every opportunity to learn and grow within all the subjects you are participating in.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Staci Jones, our Registrar!

For additional information on what your transcript will need to contain to meet necessary graduation requirements, keep reading!

Graduation Requirements
To qualify for a Firm Foundation Christian High School Diploma, all students are required to meet our minimum graduation requirements. With a total of 25.5 credits, students will need to successfully pass courses in Bible, Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies, World Language, Health, Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Occupational Education, Technology and other electives. To view these requirements according to each grade, please view the following document:

Requirements for 2021 Graduates and Beyond

The Guidance Office utilizes the following Planning Profile for all HS students to assist in tracking their courses for graduation.

Planning Profile

For transfer students, please call the main office at FFCHS and set a time to meet with our administration team. It is also helpful to provide an unofficial copy of your transcript from your previous school to assist in determining what classes you will need to complete your diploma.

NNU Credits
FFCHS is excited to offer concurrent college credits to juniors and seniors attending our program. In our very own classrooms, students have the great opportunity to earn dual credit for both their HS and college transcripts. Northwest Nazarene University (NNU), has partnered with us and our teachers to offer college level courses to our HS students. At this time, we offer English Composition, Literature: Short Fiction, College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus 1.

NNU/FFCS College Courses Offered

To visit Northwest Nazarene University’s Concurrent Credit Program web page, CLICK HERE.