Firm Foundation Christian School is excited to offer an International Student Program that provides an optimal learning environment while supporting, encouraging, and equipping international students to attain their high reaching aspirations and goals. International students, with their varied backgrounds and viewpoints, enrich the student body of FFCS, and help our community develop a wider global perspective as we prepare them to become leaders in an increasingly multicultural world. FFCS welcomes international students from all around the world who are seeking F-1 Visas for a full 9th through 12th grade academic experience.

At this point, our international program has integrated students from 4 different countries into the school community. We have graduated students from China, Thailand, South Korea, and Germany. Our organization is dedicated to ensuring that each international student is given the opportunity to achieves success academically, socially, and spiritually. Our staff offer individualized counseling, including college and career planning, guiding motivated students to top colleges and universities. Our staff works closely with teachers and parents/guardians to monitor students’ academic and social progress.

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My name is Paphawee Chungtrakool, but I go by Ann and I was an international student from Thailand. I was enrolled at Firm Foundation Christian School since 2014 and graduated along with my amazing friends in May of 2017. I personally love Firm Foundation because it is a small size school and you get one on one time with your teachers. At Firm Foundation, your teachers aren’t just there to educate you academically but also to help you to grow spiritually. Although Firm Foundation is a Christian private school, you don’t necessarily have to be religious in order to attend the school. If you’re concerned about not fitting in, you can scratch that bullet point out because students, teachers, and the staff at Firm are very welcoming and are always there to help you! All you have to do is ask. I can guarantee that from my personal experience. If you are looking for a school that is full of fun activities along with succeeding academically I strongly suggest you check Firm Foundation Christian School out! If you want more information please feel free to email me at  – Ann